The Woods from Afar

Call it a fluke. Call it outrageous. Call it scary. Call it democracy in action. Call it whatever you want. You must also forgive me if I believe with all 780.8 oz of my furry body that we [dogs] are a better judge of character and leadership than many of the bipeds of this nation, and if the 80-some-odd million of us had the ability and right to cast a ballot, perhaps things would have turned out differently. Doesn’t really matter. There is silver lining to be had; for I must share and stand up for the things I love and respect with more passion than ever before.  Come, will you? Let’s head to the woods and chase some birds together and with them, rid ourselves of this turbulent affair.

From here the woods look dense and dark
Such a grim and troubling place 
Among the trees such beauty had
whose tenants stir at leisure’s pace
The fox and wren, neither troubled
with more important things to chase
To wilder and wooded sanctum I run
to seek shelter from this disgrace

Looking West from Toklat River, Denali National Park, Alaska.

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